Kolograph is a software development company dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive software solutions. The company is located in Boston MA, and was founded by Sergey Evsyukov. After a long career in the corporate world of software design, Sergey decided to put his talents and skills into a private company that would focus on providing practical and creative solutions for graphical and performance optimization problems for his customers.

Together with our customers we carefully collect requirements and develop comprehensive algorithms that can be effectively implemented and easily managed later in collaboration with the project team. Our goal is to ensure our customers are delivered the required exceptional quality in the desired timeframe.

Our success is supported by decades of practical varied and in-depth experience in commercial software architecture and development for leading companies, such as Autodesk Inc.(USA), IMSI/Design LLC(USA), North-West Telecom(Russia).

Specialties: Computer Aided Design (CAD), graphics algorithms, computational geometry, performance optimization, CPU/GPU parallel computing.

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Our company helps companies and owner-operators implement solutions that maximize efficiency and make the best use of people and technology. We will help you design and implement solutions to gain the most value from your software investment.

We take time to understand your business. From there, we evaluate your current software portfolio and provide recommendations, specification and software design.
We have years of experience spanning many practice areas, including:
- Architecture
- Mechanical Engineering
- Utilities
- Transportation
- Human resource and finance

Software Development
We can configure your implementation so it best matches your goals and strengthens your ability to respond quickly to new opportunities and meet growing demands. We employ the latest parallel processing technologies to make your product work fast and utilize the most out of modern computer resources.

Kolograph's Core Expertise
- Computer Graphics, Computation Geometry
- Computer Aided Design (CAD), Data Visualization and related fields
- Performance optimization and parallel computing
- Databases, data exchange

Technical Expertise
Programming languages: Assembler, C, C++, Java, SQL
Software: Intel C++ Compiler, MFC, MS VC++, WIN32, MS Windows
Databases: MySQL, Oracle
Special software: ACIS, CORBA, CUDA, DirectX, MentalRay, OpenCL, ObjectDBX, OpenDWG, OpenGL, TBB, Qt
If you have any questions regarding our company or the services that we provide, please contact us by phone or by e-mail. You can also reach us via mail at our business address.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: 617-412-0408

E-mail: sergey.evsyukov@kolograph.com

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